Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald MSP and Martyn Day, SNP Westminster candidate for East Falkirk have welcomed an announcement issued this week by NHS Forth Valley clarifying the situation regarding Kersiebank Medical Practice.

Last week, Martyn Day had called for more information from NHS Forth Valley as the current situation, with 5 GPs leaving the Practice in the space of four months was causing concern in the Grangemouth community.

Welcoming the clarification from NHS Forth Valley, Martyn Day said:

“Clearly Kersiebank Medical Practice has faced a number of challenges in recent months however I’m pleased NHS Forth Valley have dealt with the issue in a pro-active way, turning a crisis into an opportunity.

“I’m pleased NHS Forth Valley are writing to all the 10,000 patients registered with the Practice to detail the changes, which will give them peace of mind following the concerns they’ve had over the past few months.

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said;

“I recently met with senior NHS Forth Valley officials including the Medical Director to discuss the issue regarding Kersiebank Medical Practice and to press them on the need for a quick solution.

“It was highlighted that there is a UK wide issue with regard to GP recruitment, therefore the problem is not specific to Grangemouth, Forth Valley or indeed Scotland.

“More and more GPs are not willing to take up practice partnerships, particularly female GPs who insist on a realistic work/life balance.

“Kersiebank Medical Practice has been actively seeking replacement GPs to no avail. NHS Forth Valley will continue to support GPs who wish to stay at the Practice however it has been decided that the practice will be managed by Forth Valley Health Board from 1st May, with the option to return to a GP managed practice in the future if an opportunity arises. The Health Board is currently actively advertising for GPs for the new ‘community based practice’. This information has not yet been made public.

“In addition, there will be a Pharmacy team based at the new Community Based Practice with a full-time pharmacist present.

“I have been assured by the NHS FV officials that there will be no reduction in service to patients, and the pharmacy team will help free up GPs to attend to patients requiring primary care.





In response to claims in last week’s Falkirk Herald (Thursday April 9th) that Grangemouth Town Centre is “down but far from out” Martyn Day, SNP Candidate for Linlithgow & East Falkirk, has today slammed Falkirk Council for failing to ensure a replacement store was lined up swiftly to take over the Talbot Street premises recently vacated by Tesco Metro.

Despite Falkirk Council being aware as far back as 2011 that Tesco were unlikely to renew their lease in Grangemouth, little or no action was taken by the Labour/Tory administration at Falkirk Council to find a replacement.

The town centre has now been faced with a further problem following the news that WH Smith will be closing its Grangemouth doors in September.

Martyn Day joined Grangemouth SNP Councillor David Balfour and Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald on Friday to discuss the crisis-hit Grangemouth Town Centre.

Speaking outside the former Tesco and Mathiesons stores today Martyn Day said:

“It is clear that Grangemouth Town Centre is now at crisis point, with action needed sooner rather than later to increase footfall into the town. Falkirk Council has taken the eye off the ball, and been caught sleeping while footfall in Grangemouth declines.

“For politicians from the ruling Labour/Tory administration and council officials to continue to deny there is a crisis is astonishing.”

“We can all do our bit by shopping local and continuing to support the shops in the centre, however the traders deserve and rightly expect more support from both Falkirk Council and Falkirk Towns Ltd (Town Centre Management).

“Falkirk Council has been aware for a number of years that Tesco were unlikely to renew their lease, therefore they should have been seeking an alternative ‘anchor’ store for the premises as a matter of urgency.

“I am aware that there is further transfer of ownership of the town centre properties between developers, however the current game of chess cannot continue, and plans must be put in place now which will secure the long-term future of the town centre.

“The further town centre regeneration strategy is yet more expenditure by the Council on yet more consultants. The traders and the public who use the town centre want swift action, not endless reports.”

Grangemouth’s SNP Councillor David Balfour, who ran a petition highlighting local concerns regarding the decline in business and footfall in Grangemouth which gained 1251 signatures, last week contacted Falkirk Council’s Chief Executive Mary Pitcaithly calling on her to take action to help the town centre’s traders as “a matter of urgency”.

Reminding the Chief Executive of the 1251 name petition Councillor Balfour said:

“I wrote to you some time ago and handed in a petition with the names and addresses of some 1251 people concerned with the decline in businesses and footfall in Grangemouth Town Centre.

“Recently we have lost several more businesses including Tesco, Mathieson's, Paul’s the Butcher and if rumours are correct we will also be losing W H Smith in September.

“It is extremely concerning that people are having to endure personal hardship through the loss of their jobs and livelihoods, some who have worked many years in the town. Every job counts whether it is two from PartyDaze, six from W H Smith or 68 from Tesco.

“I have previously asked for action to be taken, including a reduction in rents and where possible other costs and the implementation of other initiatives to help the remaining struggling business owners and also to encourage new business into the area. Unfortunately, very little or nothing has been done since then to help our Town Centre traders.

“A number of  surviving traders have contacted me to say they are extremely concerned about the further loss of footfall and are wondering what other businesses will be lost, including their own, in the near future.

“Our Town Centre is at breaking point and requires urgent attention. It is up to all of us to support our town centres and ‘shop local’.”

The calls from Martyn Day and Councillor David Balfour for urgent action were backed by Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald.

Angus said:

“We are now at crisis point in Grangemouth Town Centre. Whilst we all need to continue supporting the existing traders in the town centre more work needs to be done to promote the town and attract new tenants.

“Clearly the situation hasn’t been helped by previous property companies with interests in Grangemouth Town Centre going into Administration, which has made progress difficult, however new owners of the property portfolio must now concentrate their efforts on ensuring the Town Centre has a future.”

“I am aware that Falkirk Council has independently commissioned a ‘Falkirk Town Centres Regeneration Strategy Review’ regarding future opportunities for Falkirk district’s towns including Grangemouth, reflecting the current retail and commercial climate, however this doesn’t seem to have materialised yet. We can’t afford to wait!

“While the strategy review is welcome, we need action, and we need action now, to ensure the revival of the town centre and a return to a healthy footfall.”

“In the meantime, it’s the old story – use it or lose it – support your local town centre!”




SNP Candidate for Linlithgow & East Falkirk, Martyn Day, has joined Grangemouth politicians Angus MacDonald MSP and Councillor David Balfour in calling for swifter action from NHS Forth Valley following a ‘mass exodus’ of GPs from Grangemouth’s Kersiebank Medical Practice.

The Practice, which merged two practices into one this time last year has seen four GPs leave since January, with another announcing his departure this week, leaving a shortage of Practitioners. Failure to recruit replacements has exacerbated the situation.

Whilst it is recognised that there is a UK wide issue with regard to GP recruitment, and the problem is not specific to Grangemouth, Forth Valley or indeed Scotland, the current situation is causing concern amongst many of the 10,000 patients registered at the Kersiebank Practice.

Calling for swift action from NHS Forth Valley, SNP Candidate for East Falkirk, Martyn Day said:

“As I canvass Grangemouth and go around the doors discussing local and national issues the problems affecting Kersiebank Medical Practice and the lack of information from NHS Forth Valley are raised regularly.

“The issue seems to be nation-wide, with more and more GPs not willing to take up practice partnerships, particularly female GPs who insist on a realistic work/life balance.

“NHS Forth Valley have an opportunity to turn a crisis into an opportunity here in Grangemouth, however they must keep the 10,000 patients registered at the Practice fully informed.

“I have every faith in NHS Forth Valley coming up with a solution, but it has to be soon.”










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